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Omniplex launches first ever digital learning Creative Internship programme

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Omniplex Group is excited to launch a creative internship programme to attract young people to the world of digital learning.

Jasmine Kundra: Attracting young creatives into the digital learning industry
Jasmine Kundra: Attracting young creatives into the digital learning industry 

As part of its ongoing campaign to inspire a new generation and develop the future workforce in the digital learning industry, Omniplex has launched its first ever 2020 creative internship programme. During these unpredictable times with job opportunities for young people in short supply, Omniplex will be placing five talented creatives within their digital learning design agency, Cursim. The programme will run for 6 weeks, offering young people an opportunity to apply their skills in the creative sector, discover new skills and embark on an exciting and sustainable career path. The initiative aims to identify and recognise emerging creative talent and introduce them to the rewards of working in the digital learning industry.

Jasmine Kundra, Head of Cursim, commented “The digital learning industry is such an exciting space and one that has rarely been opened out to young people as a career choice. At Omniplex, we’re passionate about inspiring the next generation of professionals, and exposing young minds to this fabulous industry. We’re determined to provide job opportunities and a compelling vocation for young people who are talented in the arts and media. Digital learning is a global industry that has massive growth potential pre, during and post COVID-19, and we must grow our talent pool.”

The paid internship will offer candidates industry-standard technical training, coaching, and mentoring, as well as exposure to Cursim’s impressive portfolio of global clients. The internship invites applications from anyone who has a passion and talent for art, media, graphic design, game design, animation, theatre, film and production – put simply, broad areas of creative focus. The applicants will undergo an intensive interview process, and be expected to showcase their creativity, originality, and passion. The 6-week internship programme will result in permanent job offers to join the Cursim design agency for standout candidates.

The internship programme complements the initiatives powered by Omniplex towards nurturing young talent within the digital learning industry. This summer, the company hosted Omniplex Juniors – a virtual design series teaching children basic design principles.

Matthew Lloyd, CEO of Omniplex added “They say the first step is the hardest, and never is that more true than when embarking on a career where so many jobs are effectively blocked to young candidates who don’t have the work experience so often demanded by employees. I am thrilled that our internship programme will provide an on-ramp to people from all backgrounds who have the attitude and aptitude for a rewarding career in our amazing industry. The talent, energy and positivity of our first cohort is outstanding, and I am sure this initiative will not only increase the pool of talent available to the UK digital learning industry but, more importantly, change lives.”

Applications for the Omniplex Creative Internship are now open, click here to apply.