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How to make eLearning the most exciting part of your organisation

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Cursim, Omniplex’s learning services division, will teach the Learning Technologies audience how to make eLearning the most exciting part of their organisations, in their seminar ‘Perk, Not Work: A New Era of Digital Learning’.

Jasmine Kundra, Head of Cursim
Jasmine Kundra, Head of Cursim 

Today’s learners live in a high media-consumption world, interacting with technology on an hourly basis. Drawing insights from this new, digital-rich world, Jasmine Kundra will teach Learning Technologies delegates how to design learning which entices learners to ‘binge’ on elearning, rather than considering it a tick-box exercise.

The seminar, which is at 10:15am, Thursday 13th February in Theatre 9, will explain to delegates how they can mix the best marketing techniques with learning practices to take their elearning to the next level. Sharing insights and research, the seminar will allow the audience to find new ways to make elearning exciting; with examples from multiple industries, disciplines and areas of content.

Jasmine leads Omniplex’s learning services division, Cursim, and has worked in the L&D industry for nearly twenty years. Having worked in the corporate learning sphere and created learning programmes for thousands of learners in a multitude of organisations, Jasmine brings a stack of real world experience and training street smarts to her Learning Technologies seminar.

‘Perk, Not Work: A New Era of Digital Learning’ is at 10:15am, on Thursday 13th February in Theatre 9.

To learn more about Omniplex and Cursim, visit stand J40 at Learning Technologies 2020.