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Demofest 2019: Articulate developers come together at unique event

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Demofest, from the Omniplex eLearning Community, provides Articulate eLearning developers a unique opportunity to network, learn and engage with both their peers and Articulate experts.

Demofest is an annual meeting, bringing together eLearning developers and designers to share ideas of how to push Articulate software to its limits, highlighting true innovation and expertise within the sector.

The event allows developers, who often work in small teams, to network and learn from their peers within the industry. Demonstrators from the 2018 event commented “I really enjoyed the opportunity to meet other people who have been creating eLearning and to realise that we're all on a similar journey of discovery with the software” and  “A lot of us [eLearning developers] work in environments where there are only one or two of us creating these materials so the opportunity to network and share ideas felt really valuable.”

Demofest 2019 will be held on the 18th October, in London. Demonstrators for 2019 will include; Royal Bank of Scotland, E-on, MSAB, Cursim (Omniplex’s learning services division), Omniplex China and more.

More information about Demofest can be found on the Demofest event webpage.