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OEB 2019: make the class smarter with Edumode Software

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99% of all students own a smartphone, so why not use them in the classroom?


The concept is not new and known as "Bring Your Own Device" or shortly - BYOD.

Providing devices for digital education brings two problems which preventing the use in schools: One is distraction, leading to a student reduced performance in class. The other one was the administration's difficulties of private devices.

From a very sustainable and economically approach, both problems where solved by the German Startup Edumode. The new developed system Smart-Learn is the first cloud based classroom management for private devices. After being presented the solution at Slush in Helsinki, the Berlin based project will be presented at OEB global in Berlin. Visitors are welcome to take their smartphones and experience in live a smart solution either from the student perspective or as the teacher.

About Edumode Software

Berlin based EdTech Startup. It started with one teacher with a need of devices in his classroom. It became an BYOD-platform, founded by the DBU for digital and sustainable.


Oliver Laux
[email protected]