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Future of language learning: LinguaTV presents digital and blended learning at OEB

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LinguaTV presence at the trade show will be the introduction of mobile language learning apps and a prototype for language learning using Virtual Reality. In addition, trade fair and congress visitors will be presented with a unique concept for Blended Learning and Teaching.


As one of the most important education fairs in Europe, the combination of “Online Educa Berlin” with “Learning Technologies” is a meeting place for e-learning experts. From 5 to 7 December 2018, the Berlin trade fair will put the future of digital learning at the centre of visitors’ attention. As a leading provider, LinguaTV will be presenting successful methods and future-proofing techniques for learning foreign languages. At stand C60, the LinguaTV team will present their didactically sophisticated video-based language courses, providing insights into the direction in which digital language learning will develop in the future: audiovisual, individual, mobile and flexible.

Special highlights of LinguaTV’s presence at the trade show will be the introduction of mobile language learning apps and a prototype for language learning using Virtual Reality. In addition, trade fair and congress visitors will be presented with a unique concept for Blended Learning and Teaching. The e-learning specialists are thus responding to the growing demand for the combination of classroom-based teaching with digital materials. LinguaTV thus enables language teaching from a single source. In total, the language learning platform offers courses in English, Business English, Spanish, French, Italian and German as a foreign language. 

“With our integrated concept of relevant content, effective methods and user-friendly technology, we are once again setting the standard for successful language teaching in global companies and modern educational institutions,” explains LinguaTV’s Managing Director, Philip Gienandt. “Studies and experience show that combining our audiovisual learning concept with individual and self-directed study ensures the best learning success.” 

Especially in the compilation of the individual components, the Berlin-based company goes one step further than conventional e-learning: LinguaTV combines the acquisition of language skills - vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation - by native speakers with entertaining learning through interactive, video-based language teaching and gamification elements. 

Practical scenes as well as interactive exercises ensure that the language learned is permanently anchored in the memory and can be used immediately. The mobile availability of the language courses - in the app also offline - also facilitates flexible language learning on a variety of devices from almost any location. Thus, LinguaTV can be used independently of time and place as well as seamlessly integrated into one’s own everyday life. 

Looking to the future, the innovative provider will be presenting a prototype for language learning using Virtual Reality. Visitors will get the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of language learning with Virtual Reality glasses. “This gives us a whole new meaning to the term immersive learning. How this works will be demonstrated at Online Educa / Learning Technologies 2018,” announces Philip Gienandt. 


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About LinguaTV GmbH 

LinguaTV GmbH offers digital educational solutions for effective foreign language learning in companies and educational institutions. Since 2006, a team of more than 100 experts has combined proven learning methods with attractive teaching materials and innovative technology. As a pioneer of multimedia language courses, LinguaTV enables effective language learning, independent of time and place, on a computer as well as on mobile devices. 

Both beginners and advanced learners can learn languages quickly and effectively with LinguaTV. The LinguaTV method is simple and proven: to learn from native speakers. On the one hand, video lessons with everyday situations, performed by professional actors, show how the respective foreign language is used in context, and on the other hand convey important intercultural characteristics of communication. The entertaining stories, interactive exercises and gamification elements always motivate the learner to continue learning. Thanks to innovative learning analytics, everyone involved in the learning process can analyse the learning progress in real time and monitor the learning outcomes at any time. 

LinguaTV’s modular and flexible video teaching is already being used by well-known companies and renowned educational institutions around the world to improve the communication skills of their employees and students. LinguaTV has received several awards for its concepts and learning content, including the British Council and the UNESCO World Summit Award, the Comenius EduMedia Seal and the Innovation IT Award of the Mittelstand Initiative as the best language training on the web as well as the best mobile language course application. 

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