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NetDimensions launches new edition of its Talent Slate mobile app

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NetDimensions releases a new edition of its native mobile learning and performance management app for tablets and smartphones.


NetDimensions has released a new edition of its native mobile app for tablets and smartphones, NetDimensions Talent Slate 2.

“We are excited to launch NetDimensions Talent Slate 2, which was developed using a new cross platform toolset to ensure feature consistency across all major mobile platforms,” said Adrian Weaver, Director of Global Product Management at NetDimensions. “It is available now for iOS and Android devices, with the WIndows 10 version available from November.”

Scott Tompkins, Mobile Development Manager at NetDimensions added: “Alongside an offline course player, which supports all features of HTML5 content generated by the major authoring tools, NetDimensions Talent Slate 2 also provides offline support for exams, reference resources and supervisor assessments.”

This range of capabilities enables employees to continue learning and training anywhere at anytime, even when no internet connection is available. “For example, a U.S.-based flight crew can download courses and reference materials onto a tablet and access them during their mandatory rest period while offline in another country,” explained Tompkins.

NetDimensions Talent Slate 2 also enables mobile learning and on-the-job performance support for multiple users on a single mobile device. Although the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend continues to grow, where learners can use the app on their personal mobile devices, this feature allows multiple learners on company-issued, shared tablet devices. An example might be a manufacturing facility or hospital that has a shared-device model for employees who work on various shifts during the day.

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