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Leveraging QR Codes to Support Employee Learning and Performance

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Elliott Masie explores how the QR Code can be leveraged to support employee learning and performance.

Masie QR Code
Masie QR Code 

The QR Code has had a rebirth and expansion in the age of COVID as restaurants around the world used a QR Code instead of physical menus. Let’s explore how the QR Code can be leveraged to support employee learning and performance:

  • First, a definition! QR means Quick Response Code.
  • QR Codes were invented in 1994 in Japan by Denso Automotive.
  • Here is a history of the QR Code:
  • Organizations are adding QR Codes to websites, retail stores, factories, and virtual meeting platforms.
  • Creating the QR Code is simple, using dozens of QR Code Generators:
    • Define the destination of the code.
    • Pick the colors.
    • Even add a logo in the middle.

Here is an example that I created, defining the various resources that a QR Code can access.

  • I used FLOWCODE as my generator and added the Explain Logo in the middle.
  • Most of our Phones have added a QR Code reader into the camera function, allowing us to point and jump to the destination.
  • Imagine linking the QR Codes in your organization to specific pages on software, that link to deeper support in video or text.
  • Imagine if the Learning Systems can personalize each QR Code to reflect the needs and background of each user, selecting the ideal format, content, language, or background knowledge.
  • QR Codes have a huge opportunity to leverage “Moment of Need” support and learning in our organizations.
  • I have been using QR Codes in keynotes, both in virtual platforms and face to face settings. Yesterday, I delivered a keynote to hundreds of learning professionals in China. I displayed a QR Code to my “WeChat” profile, allowing them to scan it and continue communication with me after the keynote.

Take some time and experiment with the very low (or no) cost of using QR Codes, to create a Quick Response for our employees as they require “MORE” for learning and performance. Send me an email with your comments, questions, or experiences.

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