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PeopleFluent OrgPublisher 13.0 Increases Workforce Visibility, Enables Agile Scenario Planning

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The latest version of PeopleFluent's org charting software includes "what if" planning to help organizations take a strategic approach to scenario planning.

PeopleFluent has released version 13.0 of its org charting software, PeopleFluent OrgPublisher
PeopleFluent has released version 13.0 of its org charting software, PeopleFluent OrgPublisher 

PeopleFluent, a leading provider of cloud-based talent acquisition, talent management, and learning solutions for large and mid-sized enterprises, announces today an update to its organizational charting solution, OrgPublisher.

This latest release, version 13.0, provides OrgPublisher users with increased workforce visibility and agile scenario planning capabilities at scale.

Key enhancements of the OrgPublisher latest release will uplift existing functionality and provide new tools, like the following: 

  • Making changes to a person, position, and span of control
  • Filling empty positions with an internal transfer or external hire
  • Editing a person’s profile
  • Enhanced user experience via drag and drop, scratch pad, undo/redo, auto summary recalculation, and change report tools
  • Easily navigate through possible choices with visual markers and icons

OrgPublisher’s increased flexibility helps companies bridge the transition between traditional and modern ways of building teams and groups. The ‘what-if’ planning tool adds another dimension to the org charting solution’s depth, and emboldens business leaders to take a strategic approach to scenario planning.

The enhancements to OrgPublisher are aligned with PeopleFluent’s commitment to reinvest in product upgrades and maintenance. However, the company’s overarching goal remains the same: helping enterprise organizations solve the pressing workforce challenges they’re facing today, such as:

  • Permanent workforce changes that are happening at unprecedented speed and, in order to keep pace, companies require tools to support agile decision-making
  • Extended periods of remote work that have caused team responsibilities to evolve, expand, or shift as workforces expand and contract
  • Headcount planning and forecasting capabilities that are imperative for navigating this era of business transformation

“The OrgPublisher solution has transformed the way leaders are able to visualize and approach organizational structures. By enhancing existing functionality and adding powerful new tools, companies can prepare for complexities and fluctuations in workforce planning,” said Stacy Soley, Principal Business Strategy Analyst at PeopleFluent. “OrgPublisher makes it convenient and easy to identify anyone across your organization, whether that’s from your desk or your smartphone. This increased visibility circumvents the need for constant data scrubbing, allowing leaders to anticipate the impact of structural changes before decisions are made.”

OrgPublisher is uniquely designed to help take the guesswork out of organizational decisions. It delivers the workforce visualization, data insights, and reporting you need to evaluate your workforce structure—as well as employee performance, budgets, succession planning, diversity, and other critical talent management issues.

To learn more about PeopleFluent's OrgPublisher solution, download the product sheet.


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