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L&D's role in today’s ever-changing world at Learning Technologies 2018

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The skills and techniques needed in learning design will be explored by internationally recognised learning designers, Patti Shank and Mirjam Neelen, at Learning Technologies 2018.

Patti Shank: L&D's role in today’s ever-changing world
Patti Shank: L&D's role in today’s ever-changing world 

“Let’s face it, regardless of the media we use, the effectiveness of the learning we create largely comes down to good design. But what does ‘good’ look like?” asks Learning Technologies conference chair, Donald H Taylor.

“As L&D evolves from its traditional instructional design roots, experts Patti Shank and Mirjam Neelen have been invited to the upcoming Learning Technologies conference to talk about their experiences in learning design. They will explain why learning design needs to be about much more than bells and whistles and that good writing and the right techniques are what need to be mastered first,” adds Taylor.

Too many L&D practitioners are still order takers and content developers and this situation foretells the end of L&D, just as being able to build your own documents foretold the end of many administrative jobs. Our organizations are trying to adapt to the complexities and chaos of radical global changes (such as accelerating technological change and globalization). There is great need to help people and organizations respond to these changes through training and performance interventions, but typical approaches fall short.

Patti Shank’s and Mirjam Neelen’s session, chaired by Rob Hubbard, is titled ‘Making the difference: L&D's role in today’s ever-changing world’, and takes place on day two of the the upcoming Learning Technologies conference, 31 January and 1 February, in London. Patti and Mirjam will discuss:

  • Worldwide changes that deeply affect L&D’s role
  • How learning (and other) sciences can help organizations survive
  • Specific tactics that improve today’s most needed learning and training outcomes
  • Conditions needed for optimal outcomes
  • How to apply the tactics in typical situations


Learning Technologies 2018 will present sessions hosted by well known speakers from across the learning-sector, including: Nigel Paine, Patti Shank, Will Thalheimer, Charles Jennings, Steve Wheeler and David Kelly. The full the conference programme is available on the Learning Technologies event website and conference booking is now open with tickets priced at £1,295 + VAT. 

About Mirjam Neelen

Mirjam Neelen is a Learning Advisory Manager with over 10 years of industry experience. This, as well as her MSc in Learning Sciences, gives her a solid foundation when leading learning and performance design strategies. Her aim is to ensure to offer effective and impactful learning experiences for both the individual employee and the organisation. She is very much involved in industry-driven research to improve learning in organisations. She is determined to drive positive change for L&D practices. She has a research-based collaborative blog for learning professionals with Paul A. Kirschner and regularly publishes articles on corporate learning topics.

About Patti Shank

Patti Shank, PhD is the author of Write and Organize for Deeper Learning and Practice and Feedback for Deeper Learning. These books are part of the Make It Learnable series, which offer practical and easy-to-apply tactics from the learning (and other) sciences for improving training and performance outcomes. Patti has experience as an organizational L&D leader and is an internationally recognized learning designer and analyst. Her recent articles are found in the ATD Science of Learning and Senior Leaders Blogs, eLearning Industry, and elsewhere. She speaks regularly at training and learning technology conferences Website: