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Deborah Frances-White, comedian, screenwriter and executive coach, is to keynote at the upcoming Learning Technologies Conference on 1 and 2 February in London.

Comedian, screenwriter and executive coach, Deborah Frances-White, will open day two at Learning Technologies
Comedian, screenwriter and executive coach, Deborah Frances-White, will open day two at Learning Technologies 

Story is fundamental to the way human beings process information. We have an instinctive understanding of story from a young age. If you roll a ball from behind a curtain an animal will chase the ball but a baby will look towards the curtain looking for the cause that created the effect. The baby is looking for the story. Why did that happen? Who rolled it? If they cannot see the roller, the ball is a mystery for them to solve. As children develop language their most common question is often “Why”? “Why” is the fundamental question of story. And after “Why” comes the second most compelling question: “What happens because of that?”

Too much training is simply dispensing information – often in fun and palatable ways – but when information isn’t ordered in narrative it is much easier to disengage from and far more difficult to retain. Deborah Frances-White’s keynote will deal with cause and effect, heroes and reincorporation, and all in her own, inimitable, engaging style.

Any information can follow the principles of narrative. You don’t need a “once upon a time” or a “happily ever after”. The most sophisticated content or dry facts can be presented as a compelling and gripping story, join Deborah to discover how.

Deborah Frances-White is a comedian, writer and speaker. Her BBC Radio 4 comedy storytelling series Deborah Frances-White Rolls The Dice won The Writers’ Guild Award in 2016 for Best Radio Comedy and her hit podcast The Guilty Feminist was described in The Guardian as “hilarious, irreverent, eternally surprising, classy as hell genius”. Her corporate clients include Facebook, LinkedIn, PWC, EY, Barclays and JP Morgan and she has delivered a TEDx Talk at Cambridge University. Deborah is an expert storyteller and has had script commissions from Channel 4, the BBC and Fox Searchlight as well as performing in the famous New York storytelling show The Moth.

The Learning Technologies Conference runs alongside the Learning Technologies Exhibition and forms the most important annual event for learning and development professionals in Europe. Learning Technologies Conference booking is open along with early bird rates.