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Collaborative technologies: Social practices, principles and platforms

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Practical insight into the ‘how’ of social and collaborative learning at the upcoming Learning Technologies Conference with performance strategist, Mark Britz and digital collaboration specialist, James Tyer.


“You know the theory – mini blogging and knowledge sharing can be a great way to break down organisational silos and surface tacit knowledge. Building social networks and communities in the workplace is incredibly valuable. Digital collaboration tools can help tremendously. But somewhere in the marketing blitz from vendors and consultants, the "how to" is lost. The results sound great - but how do you ‘actually’ get there?” asks Donald H Taylor, Learning Technologies Conference Chair.

Learning Technologies has invited two L&D pros with an abundance of expertise in building more social and collaborative organizations, Performance Strategist Mark Britz and Digital Collaboration Specialist James Tyer, to share their practical insight and solid theoretical understanding of how to succeed at collaborative learning.

They will also share the strengths and weaknesses of the various digital platforms they have used and the crucial need to own your expertise when working with management, IT, Comms and HR.

  • Helping leaders "get it" or knowing when to move on
  • "One conversation at a time": The business, Lean Startup consulting, “groundcover” and 70:20:10
  • Avoiding shiny new object syndrome: getting the right tool or making the tool you have right
  • Getting past L&D-speak: building business value using WOL,PKM, and communities
  • Why L&D facilitators are the best placed to be effective community managers.

Mark and James’ session on collaborative technologies takes place on day two of the Learning Technologies Conference. The conference runs alongside the Learning Technologies Exhibition and forms the most important annual event for learning and development professionals in Europe. Learning Technologies Conference booking is open along with early bird rates.

About Mark Britz
Performance Strategist

Mark Britz is the Sr. Manager of Programming at the eLearning Guild. Prior to joining the Guild he had worked over 15 years designing and managing learning solution design with organizations such as Smartforce (Skillsoft), Pearson Digital Learning, Aspen Dental Management and Systems Made Simple. He positions himself at the intersection of organizational design and learning with a keen interest in the 70:20:10 principle and frameworks. His work and writing have been highlighted in the books Revolutionize Learning and Development: Performance and Innovation Strategy for the Information Age and The Social Learning Handbook.

About James Tyer
Digital Collaboration Specialist

James has 14 years of learning and development experience in the public and private sectors applying his expertise in learning and collaboration strategy. James utilises digital technology to drive innovation and engagement in workplace communities. James has helped a number of organisations change their workplace culture and improve organisational learning. He clearly understands how to structure and demonstrate improvement in performance through increased engagement. James uses the latest thinking in agile, lean startup and design thinking in his workplace projects.