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JZero Solutions provides full integration with Safari Books Online

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JZero Solutions has announced that its JLMS Enterprise platform now has full integration options with Safari Books Online.

With this new ability to integrate thousands of learning resources, JLMS Enterprise clients with a Safari Books Online subscription can directly import titles into the LMS as learning objects to be added to the course catalogue and learning plans.

Other options include a single link to the full Safari Online Books site and federated search capabilities for locating content within the Safari Online Books platform but from the LMS interface.

JLMS Enterprise offers clients ease of access to their learning content and a wealth of administration functionality to manage users, learning paths, content – including classroom and virtual based events - and track usage. Furthermore, with JZero Solutions additional products, a wider range of functionality is also within easy reach. The additional products provide seamless authentication, data systems integration and an ecommerce solution.

“Building in the Safari Online Books integration gives JLMS Enterprise a whole new capability”, said Matt Eggby, Technology Operations Director at JZero Solutions. “We already have clients who have Safari Books Online subscriptions so this is a great new feature for them, plus it provides us with a fantastic new selling point for new opportunities.”

JZero Solutions’ experience in developing and implementing enterprise Learning Management Systems allows organisations to take advantage of that experience and implement a powerful tool for setting up, implementing and managing employees’ learning needs and activities.

About Safari Books Online

Safari Books Online ( is an on-demand digital library that delivers expert content in both book and video form from the world’s leading authors in technology and business. Technology professionals, software developers, web designers, and business and creative professionals use Safari Books Online as their primary resource for research, problem solving, learning and certification training.

Safari Books Online offers a range of product mixes and pricing programs for organizations, government agencies and individuals. Subscribers have access to thousands of books, training videos and prepublication manuscripts in one fully searchable database from publishers like O’Reilly Media, Prentice Hall Professional, Addison-Wesley Professional, Microsoft Press, Sams, Que, Peachpit Press, Focal Press, Cisco Press, John Wiley & Sons, Syngress, Morgan Kaufmann, IBM Redbooks, Packt, Adobe Press, FT Press, Apress, Manning, New Riders, McGraw-Hill, Jones & Bartlett, Course Technology and dozens more. For more information about Safari Books Online, please visit us online.