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Social Learning Analytics and Contents

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New technologies like cloud computing, real-time collaboration, social and mobile technologies have already transformed our personal lives and are now moving into the workplace. This is changing the expectations about how managers and employees access information, learn new things and share ideas, inside and outside the organization any time and anywhere. Italdata has developed new components to satisfy those trends. Italdata is exhibiting at Learning Technologies 2016.


SocialKONtent serves interactive Knowledge to consumer-friendly users around which they can collaborate when they want, how they want, and where they want. KONView provides Smart Analytics to better understand the huge amount of data generated by the students during the social learning process.

Edmondo Gnerre:

"We believe that learning is a lifelong process to do together. Classrooms, working groups, companies and also smart cities at the end are social networks. To implement an efficient learning organization Italdata developed tools to extend the e-learning platforms by adding social and collaborative functionalities to share expertise and to allow the users to create social content. By using our SocialKONtent , learners can create collective content adding annotations, comments, links ..."

"We believe also that social learning is a highly complex process, so it is necessary to better measure the user engagement and the efficiency of the training process. For this reason Italdata has invested in the development of innovative analytics tools by acquiring the majority shares of Sharper Analytics, a spinoff of University of Milano Bicocca , highly specialized in network and sentiment analysis."

"Now we are proud to present KONview, we believe to be the most innovative learning analytics tool. KONView helps to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of the social learning process and to answer questions like: Who are the leaders and the influencers in the classroom? What is the user satisfaction level? How can I classify the learners in term of proactivity , curiosity? How can I increase the learners engagement and participation? Which content part has to be improved?"

Italdata is Saba Certified Partner and makes available those elements for Saba customers.

Italdata is exhibiting at the upcoming Learning Technologies 2016 event, London, 3-4 February.