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EssentialSkillz achieves 57% Net Promoter Score (NPS)

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EssentialSkillz, a leading developer in the field of compliance-focused learning solutions today announced their latest Net Promoter Score (NPS) and outline what it means for the company going forward.


EssentialSkillz, a leading developer in the field of compliance-focused LMS solutions today announced that the company had achieved a 57% Net Promoter Score (NPS) in its recent client satisfaction survey. 

NPS is a highly regarded metric that provides an indication of overall customer experience and loyalty. It is calculated by asking customers if they would recommend a company’s products or services to a friend or colleague. This standardized measure allows for fair and balanced comparisons within and across industries, and is used by companies to understand their customer service and retention performance. A score of 50+ is considered “Excellent” while a score of 70+ is given “World-Class” status.   

In conducting their NPS, EssentialSkillz asked customers 2 additional questions: How has their experience with the company been overall, and how would they rate the level of support they have received.

EssentialSkillz CEO Julian Roberts welcomed the result - “Within the digital age in which we live, trusted recommendations can be rare, so referrals from trusted sources carry significant weight now more than ever. As a result, NPS is an effective means through which we can measure our customer's experience. Our 57% rating, combined with answers to the additional questions, will serve as a springboard to inform many of our decisions going forward”.


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