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Enterprise Study launches new LearningNetwork platform alongside its LMS

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Leading learning management software provider, Enterprise Study, has announced the launch of its new LearningNetwork platform.

LearningNetwork: greater control over training costs, bookings, time and resources
LearningNetwork: greater control over training costs, bookings, time and resources 

Internal staff training can be complicated to manage, especially for those with multiple training suppliers. Booking numerous vendors can be complex, especially ensuring that employees are making consistent bookings with trusted vendors at agreed prices. Tracking training spend also needs to be simple, and this is where LearningNetwork comes in.

Enterprise Study is leading the way in the training market with its training administration software and LMS solutions. It provides a hosted environment which allows buyers and sellers of training to transact in a simple way, including a whole suite of talent management and personal development tools, and compliance features.

From SMEs to large multinationals, Enterprise Study’s customer base covers a wide variety of sectors including healthcare, the public sector and corporate users.

“Enterprise Study’s LearningNetwork platform works by offering customers a self-booking process, where they can choose from a consolidated view of our approved training vendors depending on their requirements” commented Shona Fletcher, MD at Enterprise Study.

“They can view details of each course, before using the automated procurement channel to allow internal authorisation and payment for the course. It also allows our customers to agree cancellation and discount terms with their preferred suppliers and rate courses and suppliers to help others to make the best choices about their training. Switching providers is as easy as the click of a button.”

LearningNetwork is the new and innovative platform launched by Enterprise Study. It works alongside its LMS to give customers greater control over their training costs, bookings, time and resources.

Currently, over 60 training vendors across the UK and Europe work with LearningNetwork, including many market leading vendors.

The LearningNetwork platform uses over £5 million worth of training and offers at present around £650,000 of negotiated discounts to customers.

Enterprise Study is taking part in LearningLive, London, 6-7 September 2017.