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Social learning to become a dominant player in the training mix within 18 months

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Social learning tactics will challenge traditional classroom-based learning to become an influential characteristic of the corporate training mix by 2014 according to the L&D experts participating in Redtray's collaborative research programme.

Social learning management system
Social learning management system 

Questioned about their roll-out plans for training, only 10% of the 200+ L&D experts taking part in the LMSwishList study said they would increase their use of traditional classroom-based learning support, live workshops or labs in the future. Over 40% said they expected to introduce new social learning features like discussion forums, rating, reviewing and sharing content.

"We're reaching the tipping point in the corporate training mix where social learning challenges the traditional classroom training environments that have so far dominated in the L&D market,” explains Redtray MD Vicky Jones. "The cost and efficiency benefits that come with online training won over the corporate boardroom some time ago, but it’s the major shift in public opinion across the wider workforce that's really allowing social learning to go mainstream.

“Employees and staff have bought into the concept. They use social media intuitively outside the workplace and they've come to expect similar benefits, simplicity and access from the systems that support them within the workplace.”

Social learning: can your LMS do this?

Launched this summer, the new ALTO social learning portal allows workers to share content and personal information with fellow users, review and rate training courses, chat and learn via instant messaging and maintain their own personal skills profile online.

Can your LMS do this? Visitors can contribute to Redtray’s interactive FAQ builder and find out more about the new social learning portal, book a demo or download a brochure.


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