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Charaderie to solve murder at World of Learning

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Enthusiastic yet overworked private detective, Hugh Dunnitt, is proud to reveal the outcome of his latest investigative case; Murder in the Boardroom…

Charaderie to solve murder at World of Learning 16-17 October
Charaderie to solve murder at World of Learning 16-17 October 

There has been a murder, and Hugh Dunnit is keen to reveal the story behind the shocking headline. 

The body of Honor Mission, successful and driven CEO, has been discovered on the floor of her boardroom, revealing 3 main suspects to the heinous crime; Phil Mapockets (her financial officer), Henny Questions (her HR manager) and Rob Dovjob (member of her sales team). 

Hugh has successfully cracked the case with the help of a team of co-workers, whose diverse methods of working have caused tension and friction in the past; all of which changed when they were tasked with solving this murder together. 

They navigated their way through clues, interviews, red herrings and evidence with the help of Hugh. Embracing their diverse talents and putting to good use their skills in observation, communication, active listening and lateral thinking they worked methodically, creatively and most importantly, collaboratively to come to a conclusion as a happy, cohesive and effective team. 

Hugh and colleagues can reveal all about the crime and more at the World of Learning Conference and Exhibition on 16th & 17th October 2018 at the NEC, Birmingham. 

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