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Changescape Performance Consultants Launch

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Changescape may be a new player in the consulting and training arena but the team of people behind the new face are seasoned professionals from the UK's top consulting, training and commercial organisations – says Managing Director Gary Homes.

Gary Homes, the Company's founder, established Changescape in December 2001 to focus on a clear gap in the market where the sole aim of the consulting company is to make the client self-sufficient in delivering success. Homes explains "The team at Changescape understand that long-term success for ourselves can come only from a genuine client-oriented culture where individual contribution is acknowledged and diversity in thought and practice is valued. It is our belief at Changescape that more highly skilled people equal higher performing businesses and we know that the success of our clients' determines our own success. We do not believe in large teams of consultants, time-consuming studies, unwieldy reports or long recommendation lists because we know that these activities add little value to business improvement efforts. Our experience shows us that companies are frustrated by the disruption created by large consulting teams and become dismayed by the lack of progress towards visible results that can come from some more traditional approaches to training and consulting. We approach assignments in a way that is unique and compellingly different: one that is based on experience combined with innovation; one that respects our clients' values as well as living ours; one that delivers win-win results; one that we call the Changescape Way".

Before establishing Changescape, Homes worked for over 11 years with Europe's largest IT services and consulting firm, Cap Gemini, where he spent three and a half years as the MD of their UK training division before he managed the disposal of that business unit to QA Training in April 1999. Since that time, he worked with Global Knowledge and Spring IT Training in director level roles before establishing Changescape.

Changescape has developed a wide range of consulting and training services including: Executive Coaching; Business Skills Training; Professional IT Skills Training; Sales Force Transformation; Team Transformation; Methodology Development; Management Development Programmes; Change Management; Project Management; Strategic Planning; Business Consulting and HR Consulting.

Homes said "Our client requirements have led us to build a team of over 30 seasoned professionals who are bright, experienced and insightful. We emphasise innovation and learning to enable the effective transfer of knowledge and experience. To put it simply, we help people build skills to run their businesses better."

Changescape are based in Hampshire with training facilities at Durweston, Dorset and have their first overseas office located in Cannes, France. Further expansion into other European locations and the USA is planned in the future.