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    • New White Paper: Global Mobility in the Age of Diversity

      Learnlight | London, United Kingdom |

      The #metoo and #TimesUp campaigns have forced the media to re-evaluate how workplace diversity is portrayed. While currently focused on gender discrimination, it isn’t hard to see that this scrutiny will now extend (and it must) to other groups whose voice has been ignored.

    • The Transformation Curve - 2018 Benchmark Research

      Towards Maturity | London |

      This unparalleled time of change for organisations offers a great opportunity for L&D to shift from delivering courses to delivering strategic value. However, too many are still at the starting point of their transformation journey. This report maps out the destination – and the roadmap of how to get there.

    • Christopher Pappas distils LMS marketing expertise into an e-book

      eLearning Industry | Reno NV, USA and Athens, Greece |

      Selling more of your product more cost-effectively is a key goal of any producer and distributor. A new e-book aims to help learning management system (LMS) producers and vendors do just that.

    • Fosway and Learning Technologies reveal the truth about digital learning in 2018

      Fosway | Cirencester, UK |

      Fosway Group, Europe’s #1 HR and Learning Analyst, today unveils the headlines results from its annual Digital Realities research, in partnership with the world’s leading workplace learning event, Learning Technologies. Over 1,300 learning professionals have already shared their views on digital learning within their organisations, and with the research still open, this number is set to rise.

    • New research signposts the route to business transformation in 2018

      Towards Maturity | London, UK |

      Equipping L&D with the tools and strategies to deliver performance, productivity, profit and transformation, Towards Maturity’s new research with over 700 L&D leaders worldwide will transform the way that L&D adds value to business and how business values learning.

    • Larmer Brown advocates the value of performance support in a new guide

      Larmer Brown | Hampshire, UK |

      Larmer Brown has published a Guide to Performance Support, which will be available to visitors at Learning Technologies. Entitled “How to Achieve Real ROI using Performance Support”, the Guide challenges traditional training methods and advocates ‘just-in-time learning’, discussing what makes Performance Support effective and how to measure return on investment.

    • 2018 Fosway 9-Grids™ for Digital Learning and Learning Systems

      Fosway | Cirencester, UK |

      Fosway Group, Europe’s #1 HR and learning analyst, today unveils its updated 2018 Fosway 9-Grids™ for Learning Systems and Digital Learning. Now in their sixth annual research cycle, the Fosway 9-Grids™ provide the only independent view of the HR and learning technology markets in Europe.

    • Predictions for Global Learning and Development in 2018

      FT - IE Business School Corporate Learning Alliance | London, UK, and Madrid, Spain |

      This year, the five annual predictions for the global Learning & Development sector from Financial Times | IE Business School Corporate Learning Alliance follow the general view that technology – in the forms of machine leaning, artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) – will be a dominant force.

    • Truth and trends – what lies ahead for digital learning in 2018

      Fosway | Cirencester, UK |

      New research has launched which aims to uncover the real picture of next generation learning technology and what’s really working for organisations in practice. The Digital Learning Realities research, led by Fosway Group, Europe’s #1 HR and learning analyst, and leading workplace learning event - Learning Technologies - is now in its third year and is extending its reach worldwide for the first time.