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Language learning essential in the 'employee development toolkit'

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Learning English has become an essential part of the 'employee development toolkit' for global organisations wishing to remain competitive in the recession - according to a department of Cambridge University. University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations, who set and develop English language qualifications, will report on this topic at the 'Learning and Skills' conference in London at the end of this month.

Lee Knapp, Development Manager for Cambridge ESOL in the UK explains why the event is timely:

"Learning in the workplace is more important than ever for those wishing to remain competitive during the recession. Language skills have become an essential part of this employee development toolkit as a skilled workforce can be the difference between success or not. This increases the need for language assessment solutions that are flexible, fair and reliable."

There will also be a contribution from Deshini Chetty, Global Manager for World of Work at Cambridge, who will look at the importance of benchmarking English Language Skills in the workplace.

Each year over 3 million candidates take Cambridge ESOL English qualifications for a range of reasons including improving skills for the workplace. The tests are recognised by over 10,000 organisations as proof of English language ability for enhanced career prospects, immigration and entrance onto higher education courses. The "Learning and Skills" conference will showcase learning and development in the workplace from 27-28 January at London's Olympia.