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Calibrand bring e-Assessment into the workplace with HI-STAK portable testing for Learning & Skills 2011

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Calibrand the currency for talent® is presenting the HI-STAK® portable e-Assessment delivery system at the Learning and Skills 2010 event at Olympia 2 on January 27-28.


Calibrand's Managing Director Denis Saunders explains:

"As Calibrand is delivering the RDR Diploma in Professional Financial Advice around the country using the HI-STAK® e-Assessment system, many organisations feel that the 'anytime, anyplace' approach to assessment is compelling.

Sending staff away from the workplace for an exam can be a wasteful use of time and money when organisations are striving for efficiency and greater productivity.

Businesses believe that the flexibility of on-site HI-STAK® e-Assessment delivery makes good business sense. They've found, that with equipment and personnel provided at a competitive price, workers can do the assessment, without impacting significantly on the day's work or travel, subsistence and opportunity costs."

Saunders continues:
"Businesses that need to perform compliance testing, product knowledge assessment or re-licensing or re-certification exams get terrific benefits with HI-STAK®. It is perfect for cost or time constrained businesses that must ensure they get the best out of their staff, and have robust, timely and cost-effective assessment delivery. The HI-STAK® seminar will show how it works and how easy it is to set up for an organisation."

The Calibrand HI-STAK® seminar takes place on Thursday in Theatre 7 from 3.15pm. With more than 200 exhibitors over 2 days, Calibrand are exhibiting at Stand 154, at Olympia 2, located at the main ground floor entrance in the Learning and Skills part of the conference.