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Calibrand allows financial advisers to 'mix & match' with CII

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Calibrand the currency for talent® announced today that financial advisers can 'mix & match' Calibrand and Chartered Institute of Insurance(CII) RO units to reach diploma level to comply with the Retail Distribution Review (RDR).


Denis Saunders, Managing Director of Calibrand commented, "We are delighted to announce that following CII's accreditation of both the Calibrand Diploma in Professional Financial Advice and its individual units, students can transfer RO exams they have already passed to achieve a credit for the corresponding Calibrand unit."

"Alternatively, students can take Calibrand units and gain credit towards the CII regulated diploma. Once again, we are providing a qualification that is straightforward, attainable and cost-effective."

There are many similarities between the Calibrand and CII offerings, including;
• Both comprise 6 units.
• Both follow the Financial Services Authority syllabus exactly.
• Both offer units 1-5 as online multiple choice exams.

There are also key differences including;
• Calibrand multiple-choice questions are ALL 'single response'.
• Calibrand Unit 6 is 12-15 short answers completed online.
• Calibrand delivers examinations 'in-house' in addition to provision in test centres.

Calibrand offer free learning material, practice and mock exams, together with free re-sits (for units 1-5) if you pass the mock exam. The total cost of study and qualification is approximately half that of some providers.

Saunders continues, "The mutual recognition between Calibrand and CII gives advisers maximum flexibility and choice in achieving their diploma. Advisers were very keen to see Calibrand and the CII achieve this. We believe our RDR compliant qualification is more straightforward, attainable and cost-effective."

Calibrand has recently won the Scottish e-Assessment Award for the innovative approach to delivering the Diploma in Professional Financial Advice.

Further details on The Diploma in Professional Financial Advice are available at or on 01332 222685 or by email at