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British Occupational Hygiene Society partners with Calibrand for integrated e-Assessment Solutions Management

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The British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS) has signed a 5-year contract with Calibrand to deliver integrated e-Assessment solutions for its qualifications.


Calibrand is integrating its e-Assessment software solutions, Calibrand Test and Marker,with BOHS's existing examination management processes for its Faculty of Occupational Hygiene, in a three-phase implementation.

The partnership will cover question and examination production, verification and release,together with examination and result/certification management.

Steve Perkins, BOHS Chief Executive said,
"BOHS is one of Europe's largest occupational hygiene societies and the only UK examining board for professional, post-graduate qualifications in occupational hygiene.

The society is committed to expand, grow, promote awareness and maintain its 'voice of the profession', so our partnership with Calibrand supports our goals in setting professional standards while committing to continual improvement."

Denis Saunders, Calibrand's Managing Director commented,
"Following a competitive tender process, Calibrand is delighted to be chosen by BOHS as their partner for e-Assessment solutions management. Calibrand's ability to work in partnership with BOHS and its customers, coupled with Calibrand's industry-leading reputation for on-time and within-budget deployment, means that BOHS and its students gain benefits from the existing systems. This partnership confirms Calibrand's leadership in delivering e-Assessment Solutions within health and safety, hygiene and other accredited services."