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Calibrand show good practice and experience in e-Assessment Solutions at Assessment Tomorrow conference

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Calibrand the currency for talent® will present at the fifth Assessment Tomorrow conference taking place at the Grosvenor Hilton Hotel, Edinburgh on 25 November 2010. The Calibrand session is entitled 'Good Practice and Experience - Case Studies and Projects from Scottish Education'.


Calibrand's Denis Saunders will present to the conference on the development of the Diploma in Professional Financial Advice, created in partnership with the Scottish Qualifications Authority and delivered via a portable e-Assessment solution.

The presentation will focus on the need for a high quality, straight-forward Diploma delivered at the point of training to fit into the work schedule of busy financial services workers. The session will also describe the journey taken via the initial concept developed in 2009, through to full launch of the Diploma in Professional Financial Advice in 2010.

Delivery of the Diploma is performed by Calibrand's HI-STAK Solution: a portable e-Assessment testing unit that visits business premises and examines candidates on-site via e-Assessment. The security of the exam session is maintained by the use of experienced invigilators with all delivery kit provided. Businesses no longer have to worry about their staff taking extended time away from their job to complete their RDR Diploma.

Calibrand's Managing Director, Denis Saunders commented, "Looking forward, many organisations and individuals are excited to see a competitive and attractive financial qualification that alleviates many of the industry issues around gap-fill and raising standards of financial education. The benefits of delivering the qualification by an e-Assessment solution, via an 'anytime, anywhere' service with HI-STAK is also proving very popular with our customers. Calibrand provide everything required for e-Assessment delivery, leaving candidates to concentrate on achieving their qualification."

The Calibrand presentation takes place from 2:00pm, with the conference expected to see representatives from the Scottish education, government, and academic agencies, with policy makers and examination managers.

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