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Calibrand completes eAssessment Scotland 2010 event line-up

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Calibrand the currency for talent have taken their place to become the final exhibitor of the eAssessment Scotland 2010 ‘Marking the Decade’ event, at the University of Dundee on 3rd September 2010.


With 250 confirmed delegates and a lengthy waiting list, this popular event will show how eAssessment solutions are being implemented in education, training and the workplace.

Calibrand's Managing Director Denis Saunders explains,

“Scotland and its assessment professionals are fully immersed in an enlightened approach towards eAssessment solutions, which we find very similar to Calibrand's experiences in Ireland. Calibrand are proud to be involved with this burgeoning event and I’m personally delighted that the conference organisers have not only secured a larger venue than last year, but already have a long waiting list due to strong demand. Clearly, eAssessment solutions are now being used extensively as I’m sure this event will show.”

” target=”_blank”>Sarah Price, manager of the JISC Regional Support Centre Scotland North and East commented,

“If you want to prove that you can do it, if you want to prove that you can teach it, you need to have assessment. The biggest issue in education and training, that both teachers and the taught want to know, is how technology can extend and enliven traditional practice. The examples are out there waiting to be discovered, that’s why we’re delighted to be running the biggest single day event on eAssessment in the UK.”

With a programme of national and international speakers, seminars and workshops, eAssessment Scotland 2010 'Marking the Decade’ closes with the Scottish eAssessment Awards, presented by Cliff Beevers, Chair of the eAssessment Association, in recognition of excellence and innovation in the use of eAssessment.