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Calibrand commands St. Patrick's Day e-Assessment double header

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Calibrand the currency for talent® is the first organisation to present on both days of the e-Assessment Question event that takes place in London on St. Patrick’s Day and March 18.


For St. Patrick’s Day, Calibrand will take the Irish theme to debate how e-Assessment solutions are being implemented in Ireland.

Calibrand’s Managing Director Denis Saunders explains,

“On St. Patrick’s Day, we will explain how Irish organisations such as the QFA Board are adopting e-Assessment solutions for Level 7 graduate exams and adopting sophisticated techniques such as negative marking schemes. Many graduate level exams could be easily enhanced using an e-Assessment solution, without resorting to just multiple choice questions. Despite the current economic environment, the good news is that e-Assessment solutions in Ireland are growing in usage, demonstrating real benefits to students, educators and education bodies.”

On the following day, Calibrand’s Director of Business Development, Geoff Chapman, will be speaking with Matthew White from UFI/Learn Direct and Chris Hedges of the UK Border Agency about Life in the UK, commonly known as the UK Citizenship Test.

Geoff comments,

“UK Government organisations are increasingly keen to adopt proven e-Assessment solutions. UFI/Learn Direct and the UK Border Agency understand how e-Assessment solutions can help the naturalisation process for British citizens and test their knowledge about Life in the UK. We will discuss the on-going success of the Life in the UK test and some of the issues that have been addressed since its inception in 2005.”

With over twenty speakers over two days, the e-Assessment Question is the specialist event dedicated to e-Assessment solutions. As well as presenting, Calibrand will be exhibiting over the two days at e-Assessment Question. More information can be found at