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Calibrand advances exam security debate at UK military conference

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Calibrand will lead a presentation on exam security during the second e-Assessment in Practice symposium at the UK Defence Academy in Shrivenham from November 11 to 12 2009.

The Calibrand presentation is entitled 'Preserving the Integrity of the Currency for Talent, Using Double Factor Authentication to Prevent Counterfeiting'.


Protecting exam content and ensuring robust delivery in compromising military field locations are critical to support the officer and soldier selection process. The convenience and efficiency offered by e-Assessment is underpinned by a crucial trade off – organisations must weave in appropriate security measures such as double-factor authentication to protect their exams, students and educators from the outset.

Calibrand's presentation will demonstrate a number of current security enhancement methods that resolve many of the issues, while advancing the debate on the most appropriate ways to defend military exam content and delivery.

Calibrand's Managing Director, Denis Saunders commented, "Military exam delivery has a long track record in the UK and overseas. With the increasing appetite for e-Assessment ‘anytime, anywhere’, military education stakeholders must be totally immersed in the security of their exam content and upholding the integrity of the assessment process. Calibrand’s presentation on exam security matures the debate on exam security to actively support robust armed forces education.”

With over forty speakers over two days, the Calibrand exam security presentation is a key component of the symposium, which is expected to welcome representatives from the UK armed forces, government agencies, academic organisations and policy makers.

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