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Artificial Intelligence enables Business Smart Simulations to be even smarter

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Recent breakthroughs with AI at Business Smart International have ensured their simulations continue to lead the business simulations marketplace.

Business Smart International have recently launch a business simulation, which uses the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) to deliver expert feedback to users of their business simulations. This innovation creates a transformational change for the learner and allows greater insight on the impact of their leadership and business decisions. The feedback generated by AI can be directly pushed to the learner without facilitator intervention, enabling programmes to be run completely autonomously and online. However, where facilitators are required the information and insights can be directed to the facilitators, thus aiding their understanding and allowing them to deliver more accurate and relevant feedback.

Richard Berg, CEO of Business Smart International stated: "This breakthrough represents a real milestone for Business Smart and continues to enable us to provided World class simulations for our clients. The results and feedback from clients and participants have been outstanding and we look forward to continuing this innovative work".

Further details are available via or by telephone: +44 (0) 845 371 3088.