News stories from BlueBottleBiz in 2017

BlueBottleBiz Expands Library by 50%; Video Content Represents 30% of Overall Assets

BlueBottleBiz | 26 Oct 2017

Growth of the BlueBottleBiz business content library stems from big-name partnerships with De Gruyter, Pearson UK & more.

BlueBottleBiz appoints Marco Faccini as UK-based chief commercial officer

BlueBottleBiz | 05 Oct 2017

BlueBottleBiz, the first collaborative learning platform for business professionals, today announced the appointment of Marco Faccini as chief commercial officer.

BlueBottleBiz expanding video offering with Access Training Media and SONIC Performance Support

BlueBottleBiz | 08 May 2017

BlueBottleBiz has announced partnerships with two video-based training and learning solutions providers: Access Training Media, a Los Angeles-based distributor and producer of video-based training that addresses real-world corporate challenges, and SONIC Performance Support, a global provider of web-based video learning solutions focused on information technology.

BlueBottleBiz ‘Discovery Paths’ Gain Momentum, Growth Doubles in 2016

BlueBottleBiz | 17 Jan 2017

BlueBottleBiz experienced a 100 percent increase in the amount of bite-sized learning modules, called Discovery Paths, hosted in the platform’s business library in 2016. Discovery Paths available to members grew from 300 in 2015 to 600 last year, as the bite-sized learning trend continues to gain momentum.