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Digital Publishing: Automatic Content Conversion in the Cloud

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Aquafadas cloud-based digital publishing solution automates PDF file conversion & distribution to mobile devices, integrates easy-to-use production tools to enhance content; powerful platform lets publishers monetize existing content and will be on show at the upcoming Learning Technologies event in London.

"With the massive print-to-digital undertaking happening in the publishing industry, there is an urgent need for a digital publishing solution that automates tedious file conversions as well as simplifies the distribution processes. This is the essence of Aquafadas Cloud Authoring," Thomas Ribreau, technical director at Aquafadas.

"Automation, ease of use and speed are the three main ingredients in Cloud Authoring and they serve just about every digital publisher's needs. With Aquafadas Cloud Authoring, you can quickly and easily repurpose your existing content into an app or eBook regardless of your digital publishing technical knowledge. No additional resources or training needed. Aquafadas Cloud Authoring is the perfect solution for monetizing your existing content with high-quality results."

The Aquafadas Cloud Authoring system lets all types of publishers convert print layouts to ePUB format or a branded web app by simply uploading layouts in PDF, JPEG, PNG or TIFF format and adding interactive elements, such as Guided Reading.

Publishing to the Apple iBookstore, Kobo, Amazon or Sony is easy, with one click. Content can be converted to digital and published to an iOS or Android app using Aquafadas AppFactory.

Ditch the Desktop: Cloud-Access to a Simple and Lightning-Fast Platform: Users can access Aquafadas Cloud Authoring from a standard web browser, meaning there is no need for Adobe InDesign or other applications. Publishers simply upload files into Aquafadas Cloud Authoring, fill out the metadata, organize page layout and add enrichments. Before purchasing the final product license, users can preview five pages of the document for free.

Milan Presse Migrates 30 Books to Digital in Record Time: Milan Presse, a subsidiary of Bayard, has been using Cloud Authoring to automate a standard, yet extremely tedious and time-consuming conversion workflow.

"When we decided to go digital, we had less than two months to convert 30 illustrated books into ePUB 3. Not only did Cloud Authoring enable us to accomplish this massive task in such a short timeframe, but we were able to do so with high-quality results," explains Benjamin Babron, graphic designer at Milan Presse.

"Cloud Authoring doesn't monopolize our servers or our publishing team. All of the work is done on Aquafadas' servers, in the cloud, leaving our servers free for our use. Our graphic designers can use the platform in total autonomy and without any technical skills. To be able to drag and drop a PDF file and thus create a digital publication is a huge advantage of Cloud Authoring."

Cloud Authoring Makes Complicated Digital Workflows a Breeze: For more complex digital publishing projects, publishers can leverage the advanced workflow capabilities of Cloud Authoring.

Ribreau explains: "With a bit of help from Aquafadas, publishers can to tap into Cloud Authoring's workflow engine to facilitate complex jobs such as batch-converting thousands of files or constructing template-driven publications in a matter of minutes, sometimes even seconds."

Aquafadas Cloud Authoring will be in Action at Learning Technologies: Richard West from Dreamtek, an Aquafadas UK Partner, will be showcasing the Cloud Authoring platform and other digital publishing innovations at the 2015 Learning Technologies Show held in London on Stand 92.