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Roger Piepenstock joins Amnis’ Lean team

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Roger Piepenstock has joined the quality, innovation and productivity organisation Amnis to lead their Lean Team within the Local Government and Health sectors.

Piepenstock is a chief executive with extensive experience in Lean, business development, strategic planning and marketing. His experience includes the introduction of transformational change, Lean and similar initiatives, both in the UK and overseas and he has established efficient businesses around the world.

In addition to managing and leading organisations and introducing transformational change, he has supported the development of major public programmes aimed at transforming a wide range of industrial sectors.

A former pupil of Harrow School, he holds an MBA (from American International University of London). For the last ten years he has been a member of the Board of Made in London and, among other things, is a veteran of the Honourable Artillery Company.

Commenting on his joining Amnis’ Local Government & Health team, Piepenstock said: “I am delighted to be working again with Amnis’ managing director, Mark Eaton.

“Having delivered Lean to a number of organisations over the last 18 years - including being Chairman of the Manufacturing Advisory Service for London who were introducing Lean to London based Manufacturers – I’m impressed with the Amnis methodology. Unlike some other firms offering Lean support, Amnis really does transfer the skills and techniques to it customers.

“In my experience, this is the only way to make Lean programmes successful in the long term. Many Lean programmes fail because the consultants who have been driving them have finished their contract. Successful implementations are, usually, where the skills and knowledge have been transferred to the organisation and the philosophy becomes part of the culture.

“I’m impressed by my team’s experience and commitment and I’m glad to be part of such a dynamic organisation,” he added.

Mark Eaton, managing director of Amnis, commented: “It is rare to find someone of Roger’s calibre and experience who is able to share it so willingly and with such enthusiasm. We’re delighted that Roger has joined Amnis – and, we believe our clients will be too.”