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Real transformation needs more than one skill set

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Achieving real transformation in healthcare organisations requires more than a single skill set and, as many healthcare organisations have found, improvement programmes based on Lean are simply not enough according to Amnis, the quality, innovation and productivity organisation.

“Trying to achieve long-term change through a fragmented series of improvement programmes, or by focusing on one approach by itself - such as simply applying Lean or Six Sigma - is unlikely to lead to the level of change that healthcare organisations require in this challenging environment,” said Amnis’ Mark Eaton.

“The only real way to achieve and maintain sustainable improvements is via an integrated approach to improvement,” he added. “This approach needs to combine a focus on people development and cultural change with productivity and process improvement.

“Obviously, this needs to be combined with a management attitude that is both resilient and has the courage to tackle difficult issues,” he explained.

Carla Bickley, of Wolverhampton City PCT, commented: “We don’t believe we would have been able to move as far, or as fast, as we have done without the integrated support we’ve received from Amnis.

“The Amnis approach has helped us to create not only a successful service improvement strategy but also a thriving project management culture. This has drawn on a wide range of skills and has helped us to produce improvements in the way we deliver services,” she added.

Amnis’ team of multi-skilled consultants has worked with Wolverhampton PCT over 18 months, helping to put a range of strategies and tactics in place which has already seen significant process and performance improvements.