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New edition of ‘Lean’ book for healthcare professionals

Chertsey, UKLearning NewsAmnis

Mark Eaton, managing director of the specialist healthcare quality, innovation and productivity improvement enabler, Amnis, reveals the secrets of ‘Lean’ for healthcare practitioners in the new – sixth – edition of his book ‘Lean for practitioners’ (ISBN 978-1-905823-58-1).

The new, updated edition builds on Eaton’s – and Amnis’ – continued experience of providing both practical guidance and training to healthcare professionals charged with ensuring that both their organisations’ people and processes adhere to the highest standards in terms of quality, innovation, productivity and prevention.

In addition to including a number of lean checklists, including how to run Lean Rapid Improvement Events and Value Stream Mapping Events, Eaton’s book also contains new examples and case studies and significant new content. Eaton commented: “This book evolves all the time as we find new and better ways of explaining Lean in healthcare and as new projects and examples of best practice are completed.”

‘Lean for practitioners’ focuses on providing essential basic information on Lean for healthcare professionals and is designed to be read in, at most, a day. After explaining Lean and the concepts behind this philosophy, the book provides a four step guide to ‘going Lean’.

The book goes on to describe Lean at different organisational levels and outlines how to ‘think Lean’. It concludes by explaining the top five Lean tools and identifying ten key problems healthcare organisations experience with going Lean.

Eaton has written this book in the knowledge that the people who will benefit most from reading it will be busy people, so it contains a minimum of jargon and concentrates on the most important tools and concepts. Its key message is that Lean is not a ‘black art’ and can be accomplished successfully by anyone, anywhere and at anytime.

For further details of the book, along with Amnis’ Lean-related guidance and training, contact Amnis at or call 0870 446 1002.