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Flight simulator to boost hospital theatre staff skills

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Specialist healthcare quality, innovation and productivity improvement enabler, Amnis, is offering visitors to its stand at the Association for Perioperative Practice (AfPP) event, in Harrogate in October, the chance to try their skills at flying and landing an aircraft, via a state-of-the-art flight simulator. The simulator is being staffed by serving BA pilots, in collaboration with Amnis’ partner, Terema, the human factor specialists.

Amnis’ managing director, Mark Eaton, explained: “Both operating an aircraft and working in an operating theatre requires a cool head under extreme pressure, good hand-eye co-ordination and highly developed collaborative team skills.

“Of course, much like the aeroplane’s cockpit is the ‘heart’ of that aircraft, so theatres are the engine rooms of hospitals and effective theatre performance is at the heart of an effective hospital,” he added.

Getting people safely and effectively into and out of theatre, plus providing effective post-operative recovery and discharge services are key to driving an effective process but, to make it really work, you have to deal with the human factor aspects of theatre performance. From the way theatre teams work together to the relationships between primary care, hospitals and social services, human factors drive safe and effective people performance.

“So focusing on people and process together ensures success.”

At the AfPP event, Amnis and Terema are introducing a variety of products and services that can help drive more effective theatre performance. For further details, visit the Amnis stand at AfPP or contact Amnis at or call 0870 446 1002.