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Amnis urges pre-squeeze acceleration in Community Services development

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The specialist healthcare quality, innovation and productivity improvement enabler, Amnis, has outlined plans to transform the quality and productivity of Community Services.

Mark Eaton, managing director of Amnis, explained: “Community Services are less well prepared for any reduction in funding than many other healthcare sector organisations, so they will need to develop their procedures and processes in order to enhance their productivity and patient care levels.

“In addition, Amnis’ recent research has discovered many opportunities to innovate and improve efficiency within these services,” he added.

“The transformation that has gone on with primary care over the last few years, from mergers to the separation of commissioning and provider arms, has created a number of challenges for community service organisations. Moreover, it has meant that their investment in building robust and efficient processes has slowed in many areas.

“Now is the time for community service organisations to transform the way they deliver services if they are to be ready for the expected funding squeeze,” Eaton stated.

“Some of the success will be driven by the creation of an effective improvement strategy that focuses on the identification of needs and opportunities for efficiency gains,” he pointed out. “However, this will have to be coupled with the effective implementation of change - and all of this must be done in the same time that is being taken to create these new organisations.”

Eaton believes that it is also important for Community Services to begin to address effectively the inefficiencies and patient experience issues that occur at the interface between primary and secondary care. This is because it is at these points that competition is most likely to occur - through new community based services or services that were once undertaken in a community setting being moved into an acute setting - he explained.

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