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Amnis reveals the secrets of problem solving to improve service in the healthcare sector

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Amnis, the quality, innovation and productivity organisation, along with the Institute of Healthcare Management (IHM) have revealed the secrets of successful problem solving to deliver service improvement and innovation in healthcare.

Amnis’ specialists explained the secrets to a group of professionals from the healthcare sector at the third masterclass in an initial series of five being run jointly by Amnis and the IHM.

Again – as in the other courses in this series - each delegate rated the course content, the presenter’s knowledge and skills and the degree to which the event met their needs as ‘excellent’ or ‘very good’.

According to one of the delegates - Barry Gent, the Practice Manager at Stock Hill Surgery: “It was an excellent course. I cannot remember one I have enjoyed more, or got so much from.”

The remaining masterclasses in the Amnis/IHM series are:
• 20th January 2010 – Sustaining Lean (Birmingham)
• 26th February 2010 – Thinking Strategically (Birmingham)

The IHM’s Phil Slinger said: “Each of the courses we do with Amnis is generating extremely high satisfaction ratings from the delegates. This has encouraged us to discuss arranging a further, similar programme with Amnis for 2010.”

Amnis’ Mark Eaton commented: “The masterclass on Problem Solving Tools for Service Improvement & Innovation was a joy to run because the delegates approached the whole event in a positive and enquiring frame of mind. I felt that we got the masterclass’ message across – and that should soon translate itself into service improvements within the delegates’ organisations.

“In our discussions with the IHM regarding next year’s series of masterclasses, we expect to continue to focus on both practical and strategic topics which are of great importance to the healthcare sector,” he said.