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Microsoft buys into CM Group’s new Luminosity Motion mobile learning platform and Windows 8 Apps

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Microsoft Corporation has launched a major new staff training programme using CM Group’s new Luminosity Motion mobile learning platform. Luminosity Motion used in conjunction with a range of Luminosity Mentor learning Apps running on Windows 8, and a range of innovative gamification features, will enable Microsoft to reach out and engage with its people wherever they may be, using the latest mobile technologies.

The internal training programme is available globally and uses CM Group's new cloud based mobile learning platform to schedule, target and deliver a wide range of digital learning and reference materials to staff worldwide. They can consume the content online or offline using Windows 8 Apps (announced in August) on tablets and smartphones. This provides learners with a smooth and fluid learning experience which encourages them to access and return to the learning materials on a regular basis.

The new Apps are fully instrumented, providing offline SCORM and Tin Can tracking and detailed analytics about how people use the content and the App itself. The Apps also support the delivery of performance support tools and are fully customisable to fit precise client functional requirements by CM Group's in-house software development team. Luminosity Mentor Apps are available for iOS, Android and other devices as required.

CM Group has built in a range of gamification options into the Apps including some competitive game elements to encourage content use and the Luminosity Motion mobile learning platform even includes a competitive leader board option for those learners who like to win!

Managing Director and Chief Learning Strategist for CM Group, Tim Buff, said "Luminosity Motion is the most modern and the most powerful and flexible mobile management and delivery platform available on the market today. Linked with our content creation capability and our Luminosity Mentor Apps, we have created a fully integrated, scalable, end-to-end mobile solution which can be implemented quickly and painlessly for our clients. We are delighted to have Microsoft using this technology to deliver training to their people as they need it, wherever they are."

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