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CM Group delivers cross browser support for leading UK Bank’s eLearning programmes using its eLearning authoring tool

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CM Group has completed a range of eLearning projects for staff of the major UK Bank where a single version of each course works on old and new browsers to ensure maximum reach.

One of the more difficult technical areas to address when creating eLearning for a large organisation is true cross browser support. Using Luminosity Studio, CM Group’s collaborative and rapid eLearning authoring toolset, CM Group has completed a range of learning projects for the Bank, where users utilising old versions of browsers such as Microsoft’s IE6, through to the latest IE browser, as well as the latest versions of Safari, Chrome and Firefox can access a single version of each course. Users can even access the range of courses on mobile devices, where traditional Flash based courses would not work.

This ability to create a course once and have it work on the older browsers right through to the latest browser was essential to avoid the need to create parallel versions of the same course.

CM Group’s CEO and Chief Learning Strategist, Tim Buff said, “Many large organisations have a requirement to support older internet browsers alongside the latest ones. This is particularly important in large financial institutions where many staff are subject to system lockdowns and others have to use older browsers to facilitate access to older existing financial systems. Luminosity Studio supports the older browsers as well as deploying great interactive eLearning content for the latest browsers. We’ve found it to be a great solution for creating large amounts of high quality eLearning courseware with maximum reach.”

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