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Luminosity facilitates maximum re-use of Flash and other learning objects

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CM Group’s Luminosity product underlined its cost efficiency today by demonstrating its powerful abilities to re-use existing learning objects developed using Flash and PowerPoint.

Many organisations have invested in building up a resource bank of Flash assets and possibly PowerPoint decks, to illustrate or demonstrate educational items. These learning objects can be added to the Luminosity catalogue and made available to a range of selected authors to utilise in any new courses they are developing.

Adding Flash to a course in Luminosity is simply a matter of clicking on an import button and the Flash asset is then fully incorporated in the SCORM compliant Luminosity course. Similarly, with existing PowerPoint decks, Luminosity enables a simple import function to incorporate the decks inside a Luminosity course and enables the author to add Luminosity’s famously high levels of interactivity to even the flattest PowerPoint presentation.

Luminosity eLearning courses are by default output using HTML and CSS. This maximises the potential reach of the content (due to cross browser support), and improves its accessibility, while minimising browser specific requirements. The HTML pages can optionally contain Flash media including SWF and FLV files. Alternative output formats are also supported if needed.

CM Group Managing Director Tim Buff said, “Flash assets can be costly and time consuming to develop. Luminosity fully supports and integrates with them. This means that existing libraries of Flash or PowerPoint based learning objects can be easily and quickly incorporated as part of new eLearning courses. Previous investment is not wasted and customers are finding it highly cost effective because they can reuse existing materials easily in their new courses”.