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CM Group to launch SaaS-based learning management system LUMINOSITY REACH at World of Learning

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CM Group is launching LUMINOSITY REACH at the World of Learning Show at the NEC in Birmingham, UK on 27th-28th September. LUMINOSITY REACH is set apart from its competitors by its speed of set up, ease of use and its low cost, pay-as-you-go approach. Customers can set up their LMS in just a few clicks and load up any SCORM compliant elearning courses regardless of which toolset was originally used to create them. Customers are not faced with any up-front set up fees or licence cost. Perhaps just as importantly they are not locked into long contracts and can exit the system at any time just as easily as they joined it.

LUMINOSITY REACH can optionally be branded to reflect the customer's colours and logos and can be used to generate a full range of management reports.

Technical Director Alex Mackman said, "Some organisations have been unhappy for a while with the older style of LMS, finding them too complex and expensive to install, integrate and run. LUMINOSITY REACH changes the game by supplying all the functionality you need in a streamlined form which is quick and easy to set up and easy to access and operate."

There are a range of straightforward, pay-as-you-go options that will suit organisations of all sizes. All are easy to understand and provide a fully flexible and scalable solution.

Managing Director Tim Buff said,"The system is hosted on high availability secure servers and is easy to turn on and easy to exit if it's no longer required. There are no financial penalties and no long term contracts. Users can switch between plans as and when they wish to and, if they don't want to use the system any more, they just turn it off. We believe that LUMINOSITY REACH supplies the ultimate in flexibility, cost effectiveness and ease of use."

The LUMINOSITY product family are a flexible and scalable set of solutions to enable small to large organisations to deploy the practical benefits of eLearning. All share the combination of extreme ease of use together with rapid deployment and all deliver high quality results.

CM Group is launching two new products at the World of Learning Show in Birmingham on 28th -29th September: LUMINOSITY SYNERGY is a SaaS based online review portal for any SCORM compliant eLearning courses. LUMINOSITY REACH is a SaaS based pay-as-you-go learning management system. Both systems support any SCORM compliant eLearning courses, regardless of which authoring tool was used to create them. CM Group invites its current and prospective partners to stand D120 at the NEC in Birmingham, UK on the 28th-29th September 2010 to see the new products and obtain no obligation free trials of the two new software products.