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CM Group stays at the forefront producing the latest training for software giant

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CM Group's Content Master Division has just written the new four-day instructor-led training course for Microsoft called 'Tools and Creative Techniques for Designing User Interfaces by Using Microsoft® Silverlight™ 2'.


Content Master has been working closely with Microsoft's Redmond based Expression Studio and Silverlight teams for the past year, producing a range of product launch collateral and training materials and using Silverlight for a variety of practical applications.

This latest course is intended for designers and developers, showing them how to use the Microsoft Expression Studio 2 product set to build rich and compelling Silverlight 2 based user experiences.

The course will be available through Microsoft's official training partners worldwide.

Technical Director Alex Mackman said "Silverlight 2 represents a big step forward in comparison to earlier Silverlight releases. Designers and developers now have Expression Studio 2 as a toolset to enable them to capitalise on the new range of functionality and rich controls provided by the platform. The collaboration and workflow across the range of Expression Studio products provides a tremendous boost to help graphics and Web designers build the next generation of rich interactive applications for the Web."