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CM Group expands campus following success of rapid eLearning publishing platform, Luminosity

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Following the rapid growth of Gloucestershire based eLearning content and consultancy company CM Group, employees will this week be spreading into brand new offices with a difference.

Tim Buff, Linda Morris, Graham Papworth & Alex Mackman
Tim Buff, Linda Morris, Graham Papworth & Alex Mackman 

CM Group, a significant supplier to Microsoft in the US, reached capacity for its 250 year old manor house last year, after the number of employees grew from seven to 70 during its eight years of trading. Instead of relocating to new offices, CM Group's Board decided to develop a neighbouring coach house, in order to create a campus style working environment for new and existing staff. The new building extends the existing stable block and uses the latest environmentally aware technologies such as underground heat recovery and a green roof.

Graham Papworth, financial director at CM Group explains, "The new office development was driven by the fact that we had reached capacity at the manor house thanks to our business offering increasing. Following the launch of our new software division Luminosity, we needed to make sure we were in a position to accommodate growing numbers of staff."

With CM Group's US office expanding at the same rate, managing director and co-founder Tim Buff, explains that this is an exciting time for the business. Tim comments, "Luminosity is proving extremely popular, with many large companies enjoying the flexibility of working collaboratively to create and update their own high quality eLearning faster than they could ever have done before .

"With this success set to continue we're on the lookout for talented and creative individuals to join the team, from sales staff and software developers to IT graduates. And if the next few years are anything like the last few - we'll soon be looking to add to our expanding campus yet again!"