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Content Master "masters" Microsoft Silverlight and Expression Studio

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Content Master has produced "Core Silverlight 1.0 for Designers", an instructor led three-day training course for Microsoft Corp. The course is the first to be available reflecting close collaboration with the Microsoft Expression Studio team and it will be available for Microsoft training partners worldwide.

Microsoft Silverlight is a new cross-platform, cross-browser plug-in for delivering next-generation media-based experiences and rich interactive applications for the Web. Expression Studio provides a rich set of collaborative tools for designers to help them quickly and easily build Silverlight experiences.

Microsoft Corp user experience product manager, Arturo Toledo says: "Working with Content Master was a pleasure. Thanks to their smart and creative team, they learned quickly to produce content oriented toward the creative designer audience, but even further, they pushed that understanding to create a training set that really communicates with, engages and inspires that audience. After this experience, we definitely see Content Master as a long-term partner in training and marketing content production."

Technical Director Alex Mackman said "Expression Studio provides an exciting set of new products to help graphics and Web designers build the next generation of rich interactive applications for the Web. The collaboration features and workflow supported by the toolset is impressive. The close integration with Visual Studio helps designers and developers work together much more efficiently and effectively than has been possible before. Developers no longer rely on design "mock-ups" and so the level of rework is significantly reduced. They use the exact same projects containing the graphical assets and interface designs created by the designers. This significantly speeds up the overall Web development cycle."
As with many of Content Master's projects, the work involved the Company's team working closely with the Redmond-based Expression Studio Product Group prior to the public release of Silverlight 1.0 and Expression Studio.

Content Master Technologists gained an early in-depth understanding of Silverlight and Expression Studio and have been able to utilise these skills on a range of Silverlight-based projects. The Content Master multimedia team has already used Silverlight in producing a range of e-Learning, video and presentational materials for Microsoft.